According to the latest statistics NAP(Name, address, phone number) details in the business listing is considered to be the fourth most crucial factor for ranking in the local park and fifth most in the localised organic ranking.

But not everything is about ranking; an accurate citation is still the foundation tactics for any business; as a result, they increase the online search results by placing business in listings and directories through which potential customers are looking for.

The top 5 factors in local search are:
1. Well-built and optimised for local search website.
2. Business is physically existing in (or very near) the city/town/neighbourhood/area of search.
3. Quality external links from authoritative generic, local and niche website.
4. Citations with the same NAP (name, address, phone number) on generic, local and niche websites.
5. Correctly created Google Places page with all information being up-to-date at all times and most importantly picking the correct categories.

It's also essential that your Places page is verified, apparently, and that your categories relate to terms people use to search for you. After you confirm your listing, you can use the built-in Analytics to determine what people are searching for when your listing comes up.

What happens when they are not accurate?
Consumers lose trust in business with inaccurate or inappropriate NAP information. To built trust and confidence in business owner are solely responsible for making a difference in any way they can even if it’s something as seemingly small as ensuring business name, location, and contact number information are reliable and consistent online.

According to science, 80% of respondents felt that seeing incorrect or inconsistent contact details or business names online would make them lose believe and trust in business. With consumer trust in business being such a critical part of the buyer’s journey, this is a matter of great concern.

In the view of a customer first impression is the last impression for any business. Even if they do choose to use your business, after all, their first experience with it involves frustration. If you’re providing incorrect or inaccurate information online, you’re going to have to hope that your product or service is spectacular to avoid an overall negative experience.